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A Little Magic Goes A Long Way

I am besotted with bespoke. My life is softly embroidered passion for fabric and craftsmanship weaved together. I use this to drape dresses from my darling dreams and paint details in with my needle. Soft pastels reveal themselves from underneath layers of lush luxury fabric, and I am dancing on the rhythm of its swoosh swoosh sounds. It's the only language I speak, the only dreams I dream. I sing along to it, I write about it, I live for it ..."dresscrafting" .....I am a dresscrafter. it's my calling. 



Your Bespoke Made To Measure Bridal Gown

Your dreams of the perfect dress, ideas/ style guideline imagery (from Pinterest) and a consultation, mixed with some magic, et voila, a dress handcrafted especially for you, authentic, one of a kind timeless haute couture! 

A Journey To The Stars

Book in advance! After a consultation, 50% deposit will secure your gorgeous gown. The journey starts at least four months before collection and includes three fittings, giving us enough room for alteration, bells and buttons.


Investing In A Timeless Masterpiece

Your dress is handmade by passionate experts who gained their knowledge and craftsmanship through high-quality training and years of experience. We only use good quality handpicked materials to ensure a timeless masterpiece. 


Where is our wonderland?

I work from my studio at home in Kempton Park because I can truly be more creative in a beautiful artistic space I've filed with art and treasures from all over the world. Expect to be enchanted...


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