Meet Tanya


I’m Tanya, the proud new owner of Silver Swallow’s range of unique and enchanting dresses. It was during my pregnancy that I discovered Jana Meintjies’ artful creations, and as with anything that’s worthwhile, I was in awe and fell in love immediately. In a world where ‘sexy’ is often misconstrued as ‘beautiful,' it was a wonderful experience to wear one of her dresses: the brightest of colours expertly intertwined in striking patterns, making me feel like the most beautiful woman and mommy-to-be under the sun.

In the months following our baby boy’s birth, the corporate world that I’ve been a part of for so long starting losing its appeal. Miraculously the stars aligned and the opportunity to celebrate female beauty every day came knocking. With the purchase of Silver Swallow’s entire range, it is now possible for me to make women feel as beautiful as they truly are. What a gift to make others feel good about themselves, and even more so to be able to do it in all the colours of the rainbow! To help create a moment in which she can celebrate her femininity with the ones she loves and surrounded by what’s important to her.

I look forward to meeting all of you: those who feel the same as me when we look at these dresses, whose heart also skips a beat when we put them on and feel the material against our skin… Those of us who stand back and admire the craftsmanship and talent that supports all of this. Take the chance. Wear the bold, fantastic colours in all these beautiful patterns and enjoy every second of your unique beauty!

Find me at / 073 813 5458 to hire one of Silver Swallow’s gorgeous dresses.