Welcome to Silver Swallow Design

by Jana Meintjies


“ I do not design clothes, I design dreams”  (Ralph Lauren)


A beautiful dress is so much more than an item of clothing. Wearing a beautiful dress tells a story. It captures the essence and celebrates being a woman. It’s personal, captivating and inspires those watching her.

Designing this dream, which is so personal to every woman, is what Silver Swallow Design aspires to do. We don’t simply transform fabric into clothing, we create art.

Being an artist means knowing your craft and understanding your materials. It isn’t a matter of mastering techniques and theory, it is about living and breathing what you create. Only once the artist is intimately and harmoniously connected to their craft can true masterpieces be created.

Fabric is a challenging and reward medium to create art with. Every piece of fabric has its own characteristics, personality and flaws the artist needs to understand to reveal its beauty, to ultimately bring it to life.

A dress crafted by Silver Swallow Design is an inspired, handmade couture garment carefully constructed to bring endless joy to those it will one day meet.