ABOUT the designer 

Creating art through couture 

“ I am a romantic, a visionary and a perfectionist and my work will always reflect that.” (Jana Meintjies)

In my studio, I am surrounded by treasures I have collected from my travels all over the world. The moment I pick up a piece of fabric is the moment the whole world dissolves. In my mind, a song starts playing… I am alone, surrounded by lace, chiffon, tulle. Nothing exists but the fabric and that song that playing in my mind. I carefully store away the treasure I found in this piece of fabric and it goes into the back of my mind, momentarily forgotten but not forlorn. 

Years down the line, I am sitting in my studio and the song starts playing again, I rediscover this treasure. Finally, the perfect client, the perfect moment has arrived for this treasured piece of fabric. It’s serendipity.

What you see in my designs is a life dedicated to creation. It is reflected in my craft, in my home and in my every breathing moment. It's fourteen years of hard-earned experience, all the places that my travels have taken me, the lessons life has taught me and how I have been changed by it.  I have an absolute abundant love for textile, something so deep and intimate that it becomes an obsession.



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