A Real Artist Salutes Another!

When I feel like a fun morning, I go to Stanley 44. Here I have lunch and browse through the fascinating little shops, I love to visit Black Coffee and Lunar, and I will buy beautiful designer items here because their authenticity inspires me and I wear it proud. I don't feel the urge to copy their work, I draw energy from it, and it makes me intensely happy. I and feel lucky that I can just walk in here anytime and always be welcome. A real artist salutes another! 

 The dark side of fashion or even being a creative for that matter is that we give birth to an idea. Water it. We love and nurture. We take it out for walks and make sure it is well socialized. We have faith that one day it will move mountains. We will sing lullaby's until it's all grown up and we are proud, we have invested so much!

 And there it is! The parasites attach, they come out of nowhere, jumps on the train and start copying; Something that took the all that time to grow are now hostage, enslaved, and force to work for them without rest. Seeing this is like cancer eating your heart. You can't cure it, change or get rid of it. The best you can do is to cut it out and let the life sucking scrounger suck it dry until they've destroyed something beautiful. I don't know what is worse, the fact that these opportunists believe they can pass it as their own or the fact that they are putting it into the world for everyone to see, almost as if they want recognition for being deceiving, misleading and disrespectful. If you want a pat on the back, you're not getting it from me. 

I can accept it and move on, happily knowing my head is full of ideas and like a trailing plant, it will move forward, extending vines and branches that keeps blooming...

Posted on February 20, 2017 .