Because I am a swallow

Some of my favorite childhood memories are those spent on my grandparent's farm during the winter holidays. I would wake up to the chatter of birds in the majestic lemon tree next to my room and invited by the smell of coffee on the stove I would walk all the way through the house down the long corridor like a zombie with my hands forward saying "cafffffféééééé con leche, cafffféééééé con leche." I'm sure I only said coffee, but caffé con leche sounds fancier, and I prefer that the younger me rather had said that. 

In the sunroom, I would sit wrapped in a cozy blanket that smells like fabric softener and hugs. Coffee in hand l would look through the large window and watch the farm slowly waking up under a winter sky, and as the icy wind was playing in the trees, I would have precious chats with my Granny.

 My Grandma was obsessed with birds, she knew everything about every little feather wing and would tell me facts about them as they sat on window pane eating intentionally placed crumbs.  I, however, was only interested in the swallow and why it was not here in winter. It was their funny looking tails that intrigued me most. It looked like when I would part my fingers so that it creates a V. This was interesting to me because even though I wasn't the only one of my friends that could do it with my hands, I was the only one of my friends that could do it with my toes. 

I was born with really long fingers, longer than anyone else my age. Not only are my fingers long, but they are also busy rascals. I can type fast and play on a piano; these fingers train themselves. I can sew 100 crystals in less than 10 minutes and braid in record time!  They want to paint, they want to draw, they want to sew, they want to style. I call them spider fingers. Spider fingers that can mimic the swallowtail that is! 

And so all of this leads to one moment. The moment I first saw a dressmakers doll...The vision in front of me followed by a warm café con leche feeling that washed over my body. My mind was suddenly at peace. I found my purpose.  I had no idea why I felt like that or what I was going to do about the doll; it wasn't even mine. 
But when my fingers started moving, slowly at first and then faster and faster until their long busy legs were out of control, I knew that instinct had kicked in.

 And so I began my journey as the Silver Swallow,  unstoppable with my spider fingers and soaring soul.

Posted on March 25, 2017 .