Spreading our wings and shifting our focus

This may come as a big shock, but there is no better way than to just fall with the door in the house, and announce that we will no longer offer a dress hiring service.  This created an incredible platform for me to share my work and soul. I will be forever grateful for all the support from every amazing vendor, and all the lovely people I had the privilege to meet, during this season of my business, but the time has come to shift my focus to something that's been calling me on the name.
Yes, it's scary, but it's exciting to think that the time I will be freeing will allow me to be more productive and creative. Best of all, it will allow me to follow my passion, which is art through dress design, I am moving one hundred percent into bridal and formal design, that will capture all the elements of my previous work with more focus and precision. There are a lot of exciting news and work I can't wait to share so watch this space!
Every dress booked and an appointment made, up until now will be honored of course. I will also continue to work with some of my closest vendors until the end of this year with regards to dress hire, but appointments for fittings will no longer be possible. I am also selling my collection of almost 80 "one of print" dresses. If you are interested, please contact me via email, jana@silverswallow.co.za with a picture of the dress you are inquiring about.  

Posted on July 23, 2017 .