The human behind the brand


Hello, my name is Jana, and I love fabric, in fact, I am obsessed with it! The best feeling in the world is finding an exquisite piece of lace or brand new roll of printed chiffon at one of my favorite stores. The moment I see it, a song starts playing, or maybe it's just me singing. I don't know, but I buy all of it because now I will be the only one to own this magnificent piece.

When I get to my studio, I roll it out, smell it and then start draping on my mannequin, trying out different things. At some point, I realize how hungry I am.  My adventure was just too exciting, and I forgot to have lunch! I quickly pack away the material and forget about it, because all is well and this treasure is in safe hands now!  Four years down the line, many adventures later,  I am talking to a client, and all of a sudden this fabric jumps to my mind. A song starts playing, or maybe it's just me singing.... I found the perfect match!

Silver swallow Design , Jana
Posted on October 27, 2016 .