The truth about prints and I

Prints and I go way back; we met when I first opened my eyes. They were everywhere, and they were alive! At night they came to my room and danced and jumped om my bed. They scared me so much; I would close my eyes and hope they leave... But no they stayed. I started listening to them night after night, and as the years went by, I became less terrified, we were all children then, and as we grew up, they also calmed down, and later matured in a way.

We are all well acquainted now. When the day is done, and the sun is gone, they pitch up one by one, as guests to a party almost. Some are shy, peeking around the corner to see if they are first, others are comfortable and loud! They are self-invited, but they don't care! 

First to arrive is Stripe, always early but he remembered the wine. You can hear Leopard and hibiscus around the corner; they make big noise where ever they go! Floral ever so high-spirited is dancing through the doorway. The music is not even playing yet, but the swoosh-whoosh sounds that come from her smooth turns create a beat, and the happy laughter of the other prints are infectious. Before we know it, we all join in. Abstract-shapes brought Deezer, and Agness Obel is turned loud! This results in weird dance moves I cannot even describe, all I can say is that it's wonderful, and it's messy, but it's stylish. Leopard is twirling floral, and floral grabs stripe for a two-step.  Polka dot only nods her spots bashful to the music, but soon they are bouncing everywhere like the reflections of a disco ball. Every print on the planet showed up. Some are chatting; Paisley is telling Grey something deep. Tartan is chilling with Ombre, and you just know somethings up, are they together?!  Leopard is so full of himself because he is going to Mauritius with Tropical-print next week... The night is in full swing; it's a party! 

I don't know what time it ended; I went to bed. I could later hear some prints drape themselves over the rail, some slept in a cupboard, and others stayed right there on the dance floor.

In the morning I have my first appointment. The lady asks in amazement, how on earth did you think to put floral with these crazy stripes? It's magnificent! I smile and say, "it's just a trick," and wink and the prints, remembering last nights two-step :)

Posted on March 4, 2017 .