The dress that became famous on the internet

I will never forget the day! I was doing some random fabric shopping, browsing to see what's new. Buying little bits and pieces of fabrics that caught my eye. Just materials I hoped could become something. So many times I go fabric wandering as I call it,  usually needing nothing, I just have the urge for material. Like a craving for chocolate. 

The times I do find that very rare gem, are far and few between, I can only recall two times that it happened this year, once beeing in the smallest little material shop in Budapest opposite my hotel, had it not been there, I would never have found it. But this is a story for another time.

 As I entered an old favorite shop of mine, one of those jaw dropping moments, no word, my heart made a summersault, and my stomach felt unsettled as saw it there... I was scared someone was going to run past me and grab it away! It was hanging right there in broad daylight, in the market for anyone to buy it and walk out! And why haven't they?  Was I the first one to come across it? Was it my luckiest day? If I hadn't been there at that very moment would it be as if it were never there? It could've gone anywhere! It could've fallen into the hands of someone who just buys fabric when they get the urge to go and buy material they don't need to make something nice but perhaps never does, or ended up being fabric scraps that fill the bin as result of a bad sewing day! 
NOOOOOOOOO Jana what are you waiting for grab it now!

And so it was mine! I kept feeling little nausea even after it was safe with me. The pressure is on. It was expensive and what do I make with this now? I had buyers remorse and that after everywhere my mind had just gone. Will anyone even like it, should I make some tops? I hope they sell...

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                                                                   Thank goodness I didn't!

Posted on November 29, 2016 .