The dress that became famous on the internet

I will never forget the day! I was doing some random fabric shopping, browsing to see what's new. Buying little bits and pieces of fabrics that caught my eye. Just materials I hoped could become something. So many times I go fabric wandering as I call it,  usually needing nothing, I just have the urge for material. Like a craving for chocolate. 

The times I do find that very rare gem, are far and few between, I can only recall two times that it happened this year, once beeing in the smallest little material shop in Budapest opposite my hotel, had it not been there, I would never have found it. But this is a story for another time.

 As I entered an old favorite shop of mine, one of those jaw dropping moments, no word, my heart made a summersault, and my stomach felt unsettled as saw it there... I was scared someone was going to run past me and grab it away! It was hanging right there in broad daylight, in the market for anyone to buy it and walk out! And why haven't they?  Was I the first one to come across it? Was it my luckiest day? If I hadn't been there at that very moment would it be as if it were never there? It could've gone anywhere! It could've fallen into the hands of someone who just buys fabric when they get the urge to go and buy material they don't need to make something nice but perhaps never does, or ended up being fabric scraps that fill the bin as result of a bad sewing day! 
NOOOOOOOOO Jana what are you waiting for grab it now!

And so it was mine! I kept feeling little nausea even after it was safe with me. The pressure is on. It was expensive and what do I make with this now? I had buyers remorse and that after everywhere my mind had just gone. Will anyone even like it, should I make some tops? I hope they sell...

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                                                                   Thank goodness I didn't!

Posted on November 29, 2016 .

The human behind the brand


Hello, my name is Jana, and I love fabric, in fact, I am obsessed with it! The best feeling in the world is finding an exquisite piece of lace or brand new roll of printed chiffon at one of my favorite stores. The moment I see it, a song starts playing, or maybe it's just me singing. I don't know, but I buy all of it because now I will be the only one to own this magnificent piece.

When I get to my studio, I roll it out, smell it and then start draping on my mannequin, trying out different things. At some point, I realize how hungry I am.  My adventure was just too exciting, and I forgot to have lunch! I quickly pack away the material and forget about it, because all is well and this treasure is in safe hands now!  Four years down the line, many adventures later,  I am talking to a client, and all of a sudden this fabric jumps to my mind. A song starts playing, or maybe it's just me singing.... I found the perfect match!

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Posted on October 27, 2016 .

When having a dress made by Silver Swallow Design

Having a dress made can be very daunting, but by following a proper system, everything becomes much less overwhelming. 

I break the process up into a few steps to make sure that we are always on the same page as we move along.

Step one is to send me an email telling me more about the type of dress that you would like me to make. If it's a wedding dress, also remember to give the date, venue, photographer, and I don't mind if you tell me a little about yourself. I want to know where you from and perhaps a hobby you enjoy. These details might not seem relevant but making a dress for someone is a very personal service in the sense that I am doing something that should hilite your personality and be an extension of who you are and I would like to capture that in the most authentic way.

I need at least three months to complete a wedding dress, but ultimately the timeline will depend on the type of dress, design, and detailing. However, don't wait up until three months before setting up an appointment. People book well in advance to ensure their dress is in capable hands and I can only take in a limited amount of work. The choice is yours whether we start right away or wait until a time closer to the event, but I can advise on this. 

Usually, a 50% deposit will book my time that I need to complete your dress;  I work together with a very experienced dressmaker trained by myself. The deposit will also enable me to buy the perfect material the moment I find it. As soon as I have the fabric, we can look at it together, and I will also take full measurements at this meeting. 

What follows will be the first fitting; so exciting! But this is a mock or "pretend" dress. I want to see if my pattern fits well and what I can change to make it even better. Now is also where you can tell me when your not in love with a style line or neckline so that we can change it before we cut into the real fabric. Sometimes this step is not necessary in which case I will jump ahead to the next step.

The next step is where I start by building the dress up from the inside out.  In other words, your first or next fitting will be the lining of the dress, when this fits well we can move on to the outer layers. 

Detail comes last and because this is the most exciting and transforming step everything else should be perfect. I love doing this together with my client so that they have a very clear visual of what to expect and voice their opinion before it's forever.

My recipe for success, keeping my client in the loop as we move through all the steps.  Knowing that we are both on the same page before we move on. Your dress will be one to love forever. A Handmade ( Couture) one of a kind dress with endless hours dedicated to perfection.



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