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Nothing less than extraordinary is good enough for the moment you have been dreaming of. We will help you to bring life to the gorgeous dress of your dreams. This is where our expertise and passion meet your desires and wishes for an exquisite couture gown that will make you feel like the princess you are on your special day. Please refer to our Bespoke designs service for more information on our design timeline and process.

A Journey to The Stars | For every special occasion

We want to give you the dress your heart desires, no matter what the occasion may be. Our clients have turned to us to help them get dressed for all the special moments of their lives including maternity shoots, engagement parties, bridesmaids and mother of the bride dresses, matric farewells and so much more. 




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 Terms and Conditions


 Silver swallow design offers custom design service packages that include a  consultation with the designer, design plan, fittings, fabric and all the labor to complete the finished garment.

1. A 50 % non-refundable deposit is required before the commencement of any work on the garment.

A follow-up consultation for measurements and confirmation of the design plan. Even though we might be using existing media images as reference to some design elements, this will by no means be a direct reflection of the final product and even those may change as we progress with the dress.

2. The client should avail time for no less than three fittings during the design and production of the garment; excluding final fitting during collection.

3. Minor design changes will only be allowed at the first fitting. Small decorative changes can be made throughout the process, but once they are confirmed and complete, they can not be recalled.

4. No mobile or camera pictures are allowed to be taken during the design and production phase.

5. No more than two additional people allowed at all fittings and these should always be the same parties.

6. Final garment collection to be scheduled at least one week before the intended event.

7. Outstanding balance to be visible in the bank account of Silver Swallow Design before the collection date.

8. Mandatory final fitting during dress collection and final garment handover will be deemed as the conclusion of the transaction.

9. In the case where the agreed delivery date is moved to a new date/indefinite date on account of the client, a new production timeline and fitting sessions will be scheduled in correlation with the designer's design and production availability. Any such changes should be formally communicated by the client in writing (via email) and any verbal instructions will be disregarded by the designer.

10. In the case where a custom order remains unclaimed for more than 12 months, the garment may be sold to cover the outstanding balance.

11. The custom design remains the intellectual property of Silver Swallow Design while the client may use or own use a product.

12. If and when images of a Silver Swallow Design garment are released on social media by a photographer, a mention of silver swallow design as the dress designer and a participating vendor of the wedding/function.